The Owner, Jean Philippe Stuart created JPS Legal Video in 2009 after a BA in Film and Video Studies in Paris VIII University. We have grown year after year accumulating experience and developing relationships with Prime Contractors and Owners. We are a Certified Small Business based in Southern California. Our work ethics results? Not one complaint in eight years of business, not one video to be redone. That's the definition of "Normal Perfectionism”.



Since 2009 in Construction Video


Owners and Contractors satisfied


Years in the video business.



 Pre Construction Videos,
 Pre Construction Photographs,
 Time-Lapse, Live Webcams,
 Training Videos,
 Construction Documentaries.

Contractors have these services required in the Project Specs. Contact us to protect your Company from various possible claims such as broken walls, driveways, and other structures at or near your Construction sites. We have numerous examples of Contractors who got out of trouble because they had a record of the pre-existing conditions. You’re never safe enough and the cost is low compared to disputes and repairs at your own expense. A waste of your time.

JPS Legal Video is a division of JPS Video USA.
Sister company: JPS Aerial Video.